Friday, November 05, 2010


It is already November and the air outside my window feels like warm bath water. Summer lives on! I have had many experiences since my last post and don't really know where to start... Lots of show, a live cd release, the passing away of a dear friend...

I managed to avoid my computer all day yesterday as an attempt to take some kind of staycation after planning a funeral for my father figure and meeting some work deadlines last week (I am developing ipad apps with a friend) I felt I needed some R & R. I played my guitar all day yesterday and then ended my day with a nice little veg session which included an outdoor candlit dinner then ice cream, wine and 30 Rock.

I also finshed a song for my dearly departed family member. I tried for 3 years to write a song and I couldn't until he was free and no longer in pain. The song has healing powers for me.

Let's see, what have I been up to....shows.

After weeks of rehearsing our arses off for a show that never happened (we learned a bunch of cover songs for it), the band and I went back to our roots playing at Downtown Joe's ion Napa (our old stomping ground aka our 2nd livingroom). We added a 5th musican to our troop, Cousin Al (keyboards). He is very talented; a great improvisor with an oober-happy demeanour.

TASB (The Amber Snider Band) also played at The Rellik Tavern in Benicia where we showcased some original video imagery that they graciously played on their television screens. This added a new element to our show. We were able to capture the audience's attention in a compelling way. Photos of my garden at various stages, a roller coaster ride at Disneyland, random footage from previous shows, a big hodge podge collage.

Aaron and I just did a concert at my nieces' school along with my parents. It was called "Fallapolooza" and everyone had on thei Halloween costume. I was the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp version) and he was a convict (this instantly bonded him with the maintenance guy who thought it would be fun to stage an arrest for everyone though he was only kidding.

I also just recently did a show in Hayward (solo) with Grace Woods and Deborah Crooks (and their bands), both of whom are great singer-songwriter-performers. I even sat in on Grace's Trio act doing background vocals. That was a lot of fun and I stayed until the owner of the bar started yelling at everyone to get out of his place.

The Farmer's Market in Concord was fun and friendly, I had family drop by to say hello after they saw my last minute facebook posting that I would be there. Also, my favorite uncle was dog walking the parameter but could not come see me because of the "no dogs allowed" park policy. He did leave me a voice message to let me know he could hear me. Sweet! I was given a bouquet of flowers and lemon grass goats milk soap from music appreciators which totally made my day! Thank you!

I also played solo in the lobby at The Uptown theatre in Napa. The place is gorgeous and the entertainment and staff are top-notch. I will be playing there again this Saturday for a community benefit for the Napa Humane Society.

We have a photo shoot Sunday and hopefully we capture our good sides :) Alexa, Ram's wife is taking on the task as she is a talented photographer. Naturally.