Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Joo Joo in V-town

This week's Good Joo Joo deed turned into an unexpected political campaign stop for a nameless candidate running for Vallejo City Council. Unaware as I was setting up for the room full of 25 seniors and their families at Windsor Manor care home in Vallejo, Ca, that I was only providing entertainment until the “Special guest” arrived as was announced by the coordinator of the dinner. I just rolled with the punches, I was volunteering so I suppose it didn’t matter in which capacity though I was there to entertain the residents not support a politician I knew nothing about. The good spin on the story? I found out Vallejo isn't bankrupt any more although there is still a long way to go before we have enough fire-fighters and police persons for the entire population. I already sent in my ballot with my vote to have marijuana taxed to pay for some of the city's needs as there are quite a few cannabis clubs in Vallejo now. It is becoming a mini Amsterdam (minus the red lights). The main concern shouldn't be whether the issue of having so many clubs is "right" or "wrong" because that is irrelevant. More importantly, is it "right" or "wrong" to have to live with so many potholes in the streets, trash on the side of the roads, unanswered 911 calls, etc? It seems like a win-win situation for medicinal love proceeds to be spread all around the under-appreciated city by the bay.

All in all, it was worth volunteering my time (and PA) not just to become more informed on local issues but also to hear everyone sing along to Elvis Presley’s “Love Me Tender”. That one was for you, Francisco.