Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Ok, so the weather may not be totally cooperating but I am saying so long to old man winter anyway... until next time, dude.

I am happy to be recording again with my band, The Amber Snider Band or TASB for those who like to create acronyms for everything. YKWYA (You Know Who You Are)

I can't wait to share new recordings with ya'll. I can say "ya'll" because my family on my mother's side were from Oklahoma and Arkansas, respectively. I just can't help slipping into a southern drawl every now and again. Not to mention, I grew up around peeps from the streets and of course "ya'll" fits in nicely there as well. It's really an all purpose word for all intensive purposes.... Tangent alert.

This group of songs will be a little country, a bit folk, a tinge of rock and you guessed it, 100% Ambericana.

Thanks for staying tuned.

Happy Spring!

- Amber