Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Fall Reflection

Today I find myself reflecting on August and September as if it were some other time or place. I suppose today’s busy lifestyle can leave large gaps of time in our consciousness causing us to wonder “where does the time go?” It’s almost as if I were the sheriff in the first episode of Walking Dead walking up in the hospital to find the Zombie Apocalypse had taken over.  It’s as if for the past two months I have been somewhere between floating on air and treading water (while juggling sticks of fire with night vision goggles on). Yes, that’s exactly it.

And now we have a CD of which I am proud (you can find it on CDBaby, - iTunes, Amazon coming soon). We mostly funded the project by playing gigs and selling previously released CDs. This meant it was especially rewarding to have something to show for all the hard work / fun we’ve had over the past couple of years of hauling our crap around and sometimes performing to mosquitoes. So rest assured, your purchase of our music will go back into our music. Thank you so much for investing in us.

My band mates and I enjoyed finishing the tracks (with the help of the real professionals of course—Gawain Matthews Studios and Rodney Mills Masterhouse). The CD Release parties that surrounded introducing our new work were like icing on our proverbial cake. We appreciate everyone who came out to support us and our latest endeavor.

So much fun was had at both CD Release parties. In August at The Rellik Tavern in Benicia and then in September at Silo's in Napa (the best birthday ever). Both with fantastic crowds and enormous amounts of love and support.... and now I am feeling gratitude. It was a very special and memorable moment on my timeline. 

After listening to the CD a hundred times during the process of publishing, it was nice to NOT listen to it for a while. I just recently started revisiting the songs, however as I am creating videos for each. First off, I am staring with "Happy Song" because, well it makes me happy. I have been looking through hours and hours of video that I have collected for the past 4 years and am scouring my collection to tell the perfect story for each song. It is so much fun!

I hope you enjoy my first "official" video and that it makes you happy too.  Please share with anyone who could use a dose of the "Happy".

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Peace, Love and Music,