Saturday, January 25, 2014

Just Awoke From My Dream Last Night

In my dream, I was asked to perform at a large music festival. There were people as far as he eye could see. The announcer came on and talked a bit about this, that and the other and then he called my name to perform. I tried my guitar but no sound came out. At the same time, my microphone kept slipping down the stand further and further. At this point the MC, his assistant and I all got into heated troubleshooting debates about how to fix the situation (which clearly i was somehow being blamed for). The mics were on capturing the situation and the whole festival could hear us arguing. I asked him to mute the mics to avoid further embarassment but it was too late. I was mortified. This went on for what seemed like forever. My set was almost over and I hadn't even played a single song. I woke up after that feeling very frustrated. What do you think it means?
 - Amber

Monday, January 06, 2014

Well Hello 2014!

After a week away from home I am glad to be back in the bay although I had tons of fun up north with my folks in Cottonwood, California. 

We chillaxed, played music, watch movies, played boardgames, hit the casinos, hung out with their many animals and ate and ate and ate. 

I was excited to sit in with my parents' band (The Pine Dogz Band) up in a small old gold mining town called the French Gulch. 

The place is said to be haunted as well as there are still bullet holes in the walls from the Wild West days and lots of antiques. Our friend even caught some strange lights in her camera and felt a definite presence. I will try to get the video from her camera...

Looking forward to a new year of friends, family, music, love and travel! Aaron and I will be in Europe in the spring we are so excited!

 Lots of love to you all and be well :-) chow 4 now