Thursday, March 30, 2017

Almost 4am

I have always been a night owl for better or for worse. It has gotten out of control lately as I am up late doing research, learning about the my industry of choice, my lovely and treaturous muse...  

It is often easier for me to concentrate at night though I am usually tired for the most part the peace and quiet is very inspiring. This week with a sick toddler waking up every few hours with a horrible hacking cough, I would not be sleeping much anyway. So I might as well be productive. It's much better than binge watching Netflix (I love Crazy Ex-girlfriend). 

I do feel like I am slowly making strides towards my goals. I could be better with time management of course, that's always been my downfall. I am learning the skills to conquer this inner beast or sloth rather that keeps me entangled in my own head. For example just the simple act of writing my life's to do list out and assigning a priority to each has helped me big time. Of course that's only step one. 

Oh no baby is crying and coughing again. I will be so happy when she feels better. We had such a scare this week when her fever spiked and we had to take her to the ER. 

Well I think I'll try to calm her then sleep myself. Goodnight world.

Here's a lullaby for us all:


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